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Nuvet Plus
  Made By: Nuvet Labs
  MSRP: $199.90

Best Online Price: $199.90


NuVet Labs® has designed a cutting edge formula that we believe will help increase your pet's longevity and quality of life. Our scientists performed extensive research and experiments with a variety of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and herbs, until they created NuVet Plus®, which provides a powerful synergistic defense against the harm caused by free radicals. 

NuVet Plus is one of the lesser known canine supplements on the market and not readily available to most consumers. What struck our staff about this product is...(read full review)

  Made By: Dinovite
  MSRP: $64.49

Best Online Price: $64.49


Our original formula is made with 100% All Natural ingredients and works great with a meat-based dog food. The perfect combination of amino acids, fatty acids, zinc, vitamins, direct fed microbials and other nutrients that boost their immune system and maintain your dog's good health. It’s not a pill but a powder - the consistency of ground pepper or coffee that you simply add to your dog’s food. The delicate nutrients, amino & fatty acids and zinc in Dinovite supplements promote healthy skin and coat. As you know, a coarse brittle coat, excessive shedding and itchy skin are common signs of nutritional deficiencies. During the review of this product we compared the text stated in their marketing literature with veterinary studies and literature and concluded that....(read full review)